A Global March for Change

In 2020, over 4,000 people from 44 countries joined the Walk for Survivial and made our steps count. 

Together we walked twice the Earth's circumference to demand a just and more equal post-Covid society.

Registrations are now closed, but take a look at the video below and watch this space for an announcement about the Walk for Survival 2021.

Total Distance

121,622 km

Our Goal

40,000 km


Marching for change



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We made our steps count

Some of us walked for the girls across the world unable to access proper education. Some of us marched for those whose lives and livelihoods are being devastated by the climate crisis. Some of us walk for those who barely have enough food to survive.

Together we walked the Earth’s circumference, almost twice over, to demand a just and more equal post-COVID society.

We are going to the ends of the Earth.

Taking part is easy. All you need to do is register online, create a profile and start walking.  

You can walk, run, or wheel at your own pace, in your own way, on your own or in a group.  

Together, we aim to complete a journey around the Earth (40,000 km) but individually there is no minimum or maximum limit that you have to walk. 

We’re marching to change the broken system that has left so many people around the world without incomes, food, healthcare or basic safety. And we’re also raising funds to help those who are suffering most. By asking others to sponsor your walk, you can make a big difference to families hit hard by the pandemic:

  • US $15 can equip a child in India to return to school  
  • US $20 can reach 1,000 people in Kenya with crucial health information about Covid-19
  • US $25 can feed a family of five in Colombia for two weeks 
  • US $400 can provide a whole village in Vietnam with a well for clean water now, and for years to come 

Our walkers

Across Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas, our walkers are pounding city streets, trekking remote rural paths, or pacing out the confines of their own homes under lockdown. They’ve never met, yet they are united by their hope for a better, fairer world for all. Get to know some of them, and find out why they are #WalkingForSurvival.

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What we are calling for

  • Put workers and communities first
  • Health care, education and social protection for all
  • Stop violence against women and racial discrimination
  • Sustain the Earth so it can sustain us
  • Tax the rich and big companies fairly
  • Cancel the debt that developing countries owe to the rich world

Register to take part now. Join us at your own pace, in your own way. You can add your steps to our global total, and add your voice to our global chorus.

Mavisse’s story

The poorest and most vulnerable were hit hardest by Covid-19 and will be worst affected by its aftermath.

People like Mavisse for whom drought is a constant presence, with slow starvation a daily reality for her and her children. Decades of irresponsible free market policies have left billions, like Mavisse, living on the margins of destitution.

From the ashes of disaster, there is an opportunity for change on a scale we’ve never seen before. We’re asking you to join us to demand world leaders #WalkTheTalk.

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