Walk for Survival Participation Terms & Conditions

Walk for Survival is a global virtual event, Walkers are asked to record the kilometres they walk on the walkforsurvival.org website to contribute to a global totaliser 

Together we aim to complete a journey around the Earth (40,000km).  Walkers are given the option to walk and fundraise for ActionAid, or just to contribute their steps.  

Funds raised by the Walk for Survival will be directed to ActionAid’s Coronavirus Appeal, for those people who are most in need across the globe.  

Walk for Survival is organised by ActionAid International. By registering for this virtual event, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions. 

General Terms & Conditions

  1. I will ensure that I am following the relevant laws, regulations and guidelines relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. I declare, as a condition of entry, that I am not aware of any illness, injury, physical disability or impairment which may cause me or others illness, injury or death during or as a consequence of participation.
  3. The decision to participate is entirely my own and I accept all risks associated with participation in the event, including but not limited to loss of life or permanent injury.
  4. Any public announcement, statement or media release in any form or on any platform that mentions participation in Walk for Survival related activities requires the prior written approval of ActionAid.
  5. Expenses incurred in participating in the Walk for Survival are not to be taken from funds raised for ActionAid.
  6. Any and all money raised by participants in the Walk for Survival must be remitted to ActionAid within 30 days following the end of the event, except with the prior approval.
  7. I understand that by creating a profile on the Walk for Survival website, the information on my personal profile page will be made public to anyone visiting the website. 
  8. I understand that by entering my personal details contained on this entry form, they will be added into a database which will be used for the administration of the event by ActionAid.
  9. I declare that all the information supplied by me for registration is true and correct.

 Online Donations

  1. Your donation will be processed securely by Stripe. The Walk for Survival website does not store credit card numbers.