Why we’re walking

Marching for a better, fairer world

Some of us will walk in solidarity, to raise funds and raise our voices in support of those suffering the most.

Some of us will record the miles we already have to walk every day. Women and girls who spend hours carrying water because indoor plumbing is only for the rich. Workers who walk miles to earn their living. Migrants who walk because their homes and livelihoods have been destroyed by Covid-19 or climate change.

Even during lockdown, we can keep walking, alone or together, for energy, connection and inspiration. Even inside our own homes!

Together, wherever we are, we will make our steps count, and our voices heard.

Cancel the debt that the rich world is claiming from the poorest countries, so everyone can get through this crisis. 

Many developing countries are spending up to five times as much on debt repayments to the rich world as they are on health and education combined.


Make big corporations pay their fair share of tax to fund education, health care and social safety nets for all.

While many global companies and tech giants pay little tax, billions of workers in their supply chains have no unemployment insurance, health care or sick leave. We need new rules to make sure companies and their shareholders pay their way in every country where they operate.  


Defund big polluters and invest in green alternatives so industries that fuel climate change and displace people don’t get Covid-19 bailouts. 

Unbelievably, industries that fuel climate change and push people off their land are getting a big chunk of Covid-19 bailouts. Instead, governments must use Covid-19 recovery packages to invest in green solutions that are good for both people and planet - such as sustainable family farms, which provide healthy and affordable food for the local community and also regenerate the land.


Fight violence against women which has soared during Covid-19, whilst women’s shelters and other vital support services are starved of funds.  

Governments must give this shadow pandemic the resources and attention it urgently needs. And they must put women’s voices and priorities at the forefront of Covid-19 recovery planning, because a society that works for women is a society that works for everyone.  


We have the opportunity to stop runaway inequality and make the world fairer and healthier for all. We must take this chance to save lives now, and make sure that the next generation can survive climate change and other crises to come.

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